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There are multiple symbols commonly used to represent "such that". ∍ \​backepsilon or ∋ \ni; ∣ \mid;:: For "therefore", I usually see ∴. \mid, as it has the spacing of a binary relation. If you want it to resize, see “How to automatically resize the vertical bar in a set comprehension?”. Have a look at.

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By Yocage - 02:53
Use \middle only if there's a \left before it; we can check this using \​currentgrouptype (texdoc etex for more information): \documentclass{article}.
By Mezikora - 20:21
You can use the braket package for this kind of thing. \documentclass{article} \​usepackage{braket} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{bbold}.
By Grot - 23:20
If a is a set a \leftarrow { b| b must satisfies property}. but if a is an element a \​leftarrow b| b must satisfies property. is this a usual notation?

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