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This patch appears to provide network underwear for Bastilla. *** Here my little reskin for you nothing special, but maybe some nice addition for. These are a couple of nude skins for “Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic. There are skins for “ALL” female players + Bastila and Mission available!

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By Moogugami - 09:42
I was impressed with @JCarter's "JC's Slave Bastila for K1 ". . This mod provides nude and nearly nude underwear textures for some female characters.
By Kajikree - 11:44
It depends if you have it on xbox you can never play as bastila. If you have it on PC you have to use a mod so that when you make your.
By Shakanris - 15:22 › helax1 › art › Bastila-Nude

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